Hot Topic: Conflict Management/Difficult Conversations

Conflict is a normal part of our lives. The question is, how well do you manage it? Do you see conflict as a war with winners and losers? As chaos? As failure? If so, you'll have problems managing it. Leaders understand that their role is to channel conflict into better communication and collaboration. It takes real skill, as I learned when I took a graduate course in conflict resolution a few years back. It had a big impact on my teaching and even on my own approach to managing conflicts I encounter. Here are some columns I've developed to help you with tough talks and tough people:

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    Jill Geisler

    Jill helps news managers learn how to lead her favorite people in the world - journalists. Good journalists, she points out, question authority and resist "spin." It takes exceptional leaders to build trust, along with the systems and culture that grow great journalism.


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