How to effectively teach writing in the newsroom, classroom

One way to learn is to teach. If you've been asked to teach anything -- a soccer skill, Italian cooking, news writing -- you know that the process of preparing to teach involves intense learning.

So even if you don't have the job description of a journalism professor or writing coach, thinking about how the best writing teachers work will enhance your experience of the craft.

The best writing teachers write with and for their students. They teach writing as a process, a set of rational steps. They think of the craft as a set of tools, not rules. They help students see the world as a storehouse of story ideas. They listen to writers and adjust their individual coaching to match their needs. They know how to offer constructive criticism, and how to take it.

If you want to gain deeper insight into your craft as a writer, replay the archived chat below about how the best writing teachers teach.

Twitter users can tweet questions ahead of time or during the chat using the hashtag #poynterchats. You can revisit this page at any time to replay the chat after it has ended.

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    Roy Peter Clark

    Roy Peter Clark has taught writing at Poynter to students of all ages since 1979. He has served the Institute as its first full-time faculty member, dean, vice-president, and senior scholar.


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