How to get a verified Twitter account

Ad Age

Ad Age reporter Cotton Delo has learned how to get a Twitter account verified. A sales rep for the social network told a magazine publisher that the two paths to verification were to be impersonated or to spend $15,000 on advertising over three months. In 2010 Twitter stopped taking requests from the public to verify accounts, but still does it in some cases, recently for Rupert Murdoch and briefly for an account believed to belong to his wife, Wendi Deng. The accidental verification was "a crime of punctuation — specifically an underscore that should not have been there," reports Kara Swisher. Murdoch's wife was on Twitter as @WendiDeng, though that account seems to have disappeared. The fake one was @Wendi_Deng. || Related: Twitter now distributes tweets from artists' verified accounts to music data services (TechCrunch)


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