How New York outlets covered arrest of local TV anchor

WCBS-TV anchor Rob Morrison was arrested Sunday and charged with "strangulation, threatening and disorderly conduct" in a dispute with his wife, CBS MoneyWatch reporter Ashley Morrison. Through their attorney and on Rob Morrison's Twitter account, the Morrisons call the incident "unfortunate" and "exaggerated." New York's tabloids had a different way of characterizing it:

Front page courtesy the Newseum.
Front page courtesy the Newseum.

Rob Morrison's arrest didn't make the front of The New York Times, whose story on the incident is a restrained, facts-plus-honorifics production:

While being arrested, Mr. Morrison threatened to further harm his wife, the police said.

Ms. Morrison was not treated for any injuries, though the police said officers observed red marks on her neck consistent with being choked.

I was unable to find stories about Rob Morrison on the websites of WABC, WNBC, WNYW or NY1. WCBS does cover the story, in 102 words. There is no link to it on the station's Facebook page, but the "Recent Posts By Others" box on the page is a different story.

  • Andrew Beaujon

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