How news sites treated Obama support of same-sex marriage

Screenshots from a dozen websites (captured between 3:43 and 4 p.m.) show how news organizations are covering President Barack Obama's change of position on same-sex marriage. || Related: Robin Roberts' interview with Obama a coup for "Good Morning America" (Poynter)

ABC's Robin Roberts had the exclusive interview with Obama, during which he announced, "For me personally, it is important for me to affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married."
Fox News featured several opinion pieces about the announcement. The announcement came when Shepard Smith was on the air; the Fox News anchor declared Obama "the President of the United States, now in the 21st century."
Competing networks, like CBS, credited ABC with the scoop.
Chuck Todd was on MSNBC discussing the political ramifications immediately after the president's interview aired on ABC. had a second top story in addition to Obama's announcement.
Drudge billed the announcement as an "election year conversion."
The Huffington Post evoked wedding vows with its headline.
The Advocate, one of the country's gay and lesbian news magazines, framed the announcement as a victory for equal rights.
Politico showed the interview airing, emphasizing that how it "plays" politically will be critical.
North Carolina voters on Tuesday approved an amendment to its constitution banning same-sex marriage.
California approved same-sex marriage in 2008, then passed a ban against it the same year. The ban has since been declared unconstitutional, but appeals have left same-sex marriage in legal limbo.
Last year, New York passed an amendment allowing same-sex marriage.
The Washington Post featured a public opinion poll on its home page. Gallup released data Tuesday that shows 50 percent of Americans support legal, same-sex marriage while 48 percent oppose it.


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