How Super Tuesday election maps could be improved

'Tis the season for election maps. Big ones, small ones. Red ones, blue ones. They're out there, despite the fact that big maps of the U.S. don't really come into play until it's time to tally electoral votes in November.

Have you ever wondered why Democrats are blue and Republicans are red on your typical election night map? Has it always been this way? Should we even be messing with state maps during primary season? How might we begin planning visuals for November?

I addressed these questions and offered related tips in a live chat with Poynter's Sara Quinn. You can replay the chat here...

  • Charles Apple

    A longtime news artist and designer, Apple is the former graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register. He teaches design and graphics workshops, does some consulting work and blogs for the American Copy Editors Society.


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