How will you handle graphic images or video of Gadhafi’s death?

Journalists often have access to graphic scenes, and face the ethical dilemma of whether and how to share these images with audiences. Most recently, media considered how to handle Osama bin Laden photos, but the images were never released. Similarly, there were challenges with images of Saddam Hussein. Though there are guidelines for deadling with difficult images, each situation is different.

The AP's Paul Colford confirms the news service has transmitted images of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. "It's pretty graphic stuff. These are pretty grim photos that I saw," he told Poynter's Bob Andelman. "It would be routine for us, with particularly graphic material, to flag it as such."

Poynter faculty members Al Tompkins and Kenny Irby hosted a live chat to help journalists decide how to handle graphic images of Gadhafi. You can replay the chat here:


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