How WP, AP, NYT plan to handle the Palin emails

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The Post says it will publish over 24,000 e-mails to and from Sarah Palin when they're released Friday morning "and will engage readers in a collaborative crowd-sourcing effort throughout the process." Its release says:

Chris Cillizza and The Fix are asking readers to help analyze, contextualize and research those e-mails alongside Post reporters over the days following the release. The Post is limiting this to 100 spots for people who will work collaboratively in small teams to surface the most important information from the emails. For more information on how to help report this story with The Fix, go here.

The Fix will be live-blogging the release of Palin’s e-mails. In the meantime, check this page for continuous updates, including the moment The Post publishes Palin’s e-mails.

You can also follow @PalinEmails for continuous news and updates about Palin’s e-mails and when they publish.

The New York Times is inviting readers to help, too. The AP's plans are after the jump.

Date: 6/9/2011 1:07 PM

BC-US--Palin Emails,Advisory/252

BC-US--Palin Emails,Advisory, US


The State of Alaska says it will release on Friday more than 24,000 emails of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as part of an open-records request by The Associated Press and other news organizations. The request was made in 2008, when Palin was chosen as John McCain's running mate, and will include emails from Palin's first 10 months as Alaska governor. Alaska says the emails will be in paper printout form. We plan to scan the paper copies to make them available electronically to members and clients on an FTP site as searchable pdf files.

Because of the sheer volume of the documents, we do not anticipate that we will be able to provide access to the documents until Saturday, at the earliest. We will have a story Friday when the documents are released, and coverage on the contents of the emails Saturday. We will provide more details as the story unfolds, including an advisory when the files are ready to download from the FTP site.

Please advise your weekend editors to watch for developments on this story. We do not intend to make this site available to the public, and to protect against any potential leak of this information, we are sharing the username and password only by email and through customer service.

The AP



The Associated Press leads the industry in aggressively using federal and state laws governing access to government records as a newsgathering tool. Last year alone, we filed well over 1,000 freedom of information requests in Washington and around the country.

The imminent release by the State of Alaska of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails stems from an AP request filed when she was a candidate for vice president in 2008. Obviously the governing background of a vice presidential nominee – and a possible 2012 presidential contender -- is of vital public interest. But it has taken until now for the State of Alaska to finally make the emails available.

AP journalists will review the emails for their news value and, as an added value to our member news organizations, the AP will also make the emails available to them for their own use and local coverage.


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