Huffington Post dominates Facebook's most-shared politics stories of 2011


On Facebook's list of the 40 most-shared political articles of 2011, the most frequently appearing sources are The Huffington Post (10), CNN (7), MSNBC (6) and Fox News (5). The Washington Post had only one story on the list, but it ranked No. 2 overall, perhaps in part as a result of its social reader, which is ubiquitous on Facebook. The most-shared story of the year was the lone item from Daily Kos: "An open letter to that 53% guy." Notable in their absence from the list: The New York Times and Politico.  HuffPost Politics, CNN and Politico are the top three most visited sites for political news, according to comScore. || New today: NBC introduces new politics site | Earlier: Facebook users are more politically engaged, research says.

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    Jeff Sonderman is the deputy director of the American Press Institute, helping to lead its use of research, tools, events, and strategic insights to advance and sustain journalism.


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