Huffington Post, Gawker websites go down as newsrooms lose servers, power

The Huffington Post website is down Tuesday morning, along with all the Gawker sites. BuzzFeed was up and down Monday evening, as teams shifted publishing to social platforms including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. While most major news websites in New Jersey and New York continued to publish as planned, others did not fare as well once water began pouring in and pockets of the city lost power due to Sandy.

Huffington Post Communications Director Rhoades Alderson explains what happened:

Our primary datacenter (Datagram) is in New York City and the backup is in Newark. Those host the fronted web servers, while the comments, statistics, analytics, and data are all hosted elsewhere in places unaffected by the storm. ...

Our data center, our backup data center, and its three data providers all failed overnight due to Sandy, and the HuffPost and Aol tech teams are working closely with them to restore service. In the meantime, we're redirecting to a simple Blogsmith page with all of our breaking news -- one power vertical! -- until we're back up.

At 8pm on Monday, our primary datacenter suffered a catastrophic failure of its backup generator systems due to the blackout from Sandy. After sporadic downtime, the tech teams restored full service via our backup datacenter. At approximately 3:30am network connectivity failed at the backup datacenter when all three of its providers each separately failed. AOL networking teams have been working through the night to restore connectivity and we are monitoring the connections as the telco companies work to restore service.

How it unfolded in real-time


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