Huffington tells Colbert: 'You just won a mere Peabody, we won a Pulitzer'

Arianna Huffington appeared on "The Colbert Report" Wednesday night to talk about her website's first Pulitzer Prize win. Huffington Post started in 2005, the same year as Stephen Colbert's show. "And you and I are just racing toward the accolades," he said, then asked: "What specifically did Huffington Post win for? Was it for Heidi Klum nip slips? What was the article?" Here's the exchange that followed:

Huffington: You know what Stephen, I have a feeling that you're just bitter and jealous.

Colbert: Am I? Am I? How's your Peabody, baby? How's your Peabody? Maybe my Peabody could fight your Pulitzer. ... As a website you win a Pulitzer Prize, right? You can also win a Peabody with a website.

Huffington: Who needs a Peabody when you have a Pulitzer? ... You need to stop aggregating the Huffington Post. Do you know how much of our material you use?

Colbert: All of it. ... A year ago I started the Colbuffington Re-post. You aggregate from all over the Internet, and I re-aggregate from all over your website. And I hope you're here to give me my re-Pulitzer.

After the jokes, Huffington talked about David Wood's Pulitzer Prize-winning work. Wood told Mallary Tenore on Monday about his win, "It’s an affirmation of what Arianna said: ‘You can do great journalism from any platform.’ ” Here's full video of Huffington with Colbert:


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