IBM brings augmented reality to Wimbledon

Fast Company
IBM is bringing augmented reality to Wimbledon this year in the form of an app they claim can "see through walls." The Android app provides an interactive real-time guide to almost 100 locations in and around the site of the tennis tournament that begins next week.

Kit Eaton reports the app is based on IBM's "Seer" technology and "gives anyone in the stadium using a smartphone the ability to superimpose additional data about the match onto the court when viewed through the camera's lens. The Wimbledon Seer includes a locator function, match data, news feeds, information on refreshments, and can even tell you if the lines at a particular cafe or restaurant are long."

>IBM launches Wimbledon smartphone application (Reuters)
>IBM Seer Augmented Reality App Ensures No Confused Android Users At Wimbledon (Gizmodo)


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