If Canadian media liked football more, maybe they'd get to interview Rob Ford


Rob Ford isn't having much to do with Canadian media these days, but every Thursday morning, you can hear his take on football in the U.S. Ford calls in as a special guest to WJFK's Sports Junkies in Washington D.C. On Wednesday, Ben Spurr interviewed Junkies host Eric Bickel in the Toronto publication NOW.

Bickel said Ford's staff never tells him what kind of questions can or can't be asked, but there is an understanding that Ford is there to have fun and not be grilled. Bickel also said he did not try to keep up on news about Ford and he'd leave the serious questioning of Ford to others.

"The frustration for some media here is he won’t talk to us and answer those questions," Spurr told Bickel.

"Maybe you guys gotta like football a little more or something over there," Bickel replied.


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