Inquirer publishes investigation of possible future owner; also, a report of more layoffs

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Cooper University Hospital in Camden, N.J., is the state's largest hospital. Its chairman is George E. Norcross III, who is also part of a consortium of investors looking to buy the Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and

"Over the years," write the Philadelphia Inquirer's James Osborne and Craig R. McCoy, "firms with ties to board members or those with a pattern of donations to Democrats in Norcross' base of Camden County have won millions of dollars in hospital-related contracts, public records show."

In February, Philadelphia Media Network publisher Greg Osberg told editors "he would be overseeing all articles related to the newspapers’ impending sale. If any articles ran without his approval, the editors would be fired." Should we interpret this story as indication that Osberg is practicing a lighter touch?

Meanwhile, Dave Davies reports he's heard from "a credible source" that more layoffs are possible at the newsroom. Philadelphia Media Network, Davies writes,"envisions dumping another 35 people from the payroll over the next six months."

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  • Andrew Beaujon

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