Investigative watchdog group announces grants

The Fund for Investigative Journalism has announced two gifts that will further the work of independent watchdog journalists.

The Weissman Family Foundation gave $100,000 in a gift that was unsolicited. A family representative told FIJ that concerns over an “assault on facts” prompted the foundation’s decision to seek out and financially support an investigative journalism nonprofit.

Earlier this year, the craigslist Charitable Fund gave FIJ $75,000, the second time the philanthropic organization has donated to the group's mission. (Disclosure: Poynter receives funding from the Craig Newmark Foundation.)

“These gifts recognize the pivotal role FIJ plays in bringing vital journalism to light,” said FIJ board president Ricardo Sandoval-Palos, said in a news release. “The generous contributions provide support to even more independent journalists who want to make sure that institutions of power are held accountable.”

Recent projects of FIJ include reports about treatment of the mentally ill in New Hampshire and in North Carolina in two separate investigations. It also has an ongoing worldwide project investigating government lotteries.

The contributions help FIJ secure additional funds from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, which had vowed to match up to $25,000 of new money raised by FIJ. 

In other news, Bobby Caina Calvan, a reporter formerly with the Associated Press and the Boston Globe, joined FIJ’s staff as director of operations. 

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    Anne Glover worked as an editor at the Tampa Bay Times for more than 33 years, and has been a visiting faculty member at Poynter teaching copy editing and leadership.


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