iPad is 26% of Wired's mobile traffic

Wired Gadget Lab
Mobile readership on Wired.com represents around 3 percent of the site's total page views but only three weeks after its launch, 26% of those mobile visitors are browsing with iPads. Dylan Tweney at Wired's Gadget Lab blog reports that last year the "vast majority" of the site's mobile visitors were using the iPhone followed by the iPod Touch and Motorola Droid.

"But with the launch of the iPad on April 3, it seems that many iPhone users have picked up iPads -- and are finding them a good way to browse this site. The sudden jump in iPad users is matched by a declining share of iPhone and iPod Touch users, which suggests that most iPad customers are people who were already accustomed to mobile browsing with an Apple handheld, and are trading up to a bigger screen — rather than coming from another platform."

Wired notes that its website video player is Flash-based and says it's working on making it iPad compatible.

>Conde Nast says Wired app will satisfy Apple's rules (Poynter Online Mobile Media)
>Wired will be priced lower on iPad than in print (Poynter Online Mobile Media)
>Wired to be on the iPad by summer (Poynter Online Mobile Media)


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