iPad app accused of scraping newspaper front pages from Newseum site

Megan Lavey writes that the Extra! Extra! iPad app, featuring "800 major newspaper front pages," appears to be scraping the pages from the Newseum website.

Lavey spoke to the app's developer, who said he is using "publicly accessible" images of front pages from the newspaper sites themselves. But Lavey, who is also a page designer for The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., said her examination shows a close correlation between newspapers that appear (or don't appear) in the app and those in the Newseum's "Today's Front Pages" feature.

And, writes Lavey, "I checked with our executive editor this morning, who confirmed that we only send those PDFs to Newseum and not any other organization. The Patriot-News is one of the newspapers made available through Extra! Extra!"

The $3.99 app is available on both the iPhone and iPad, and has apparently been on sale in the iTunes store for more than a year.


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