iPhone 4 has strengths, weaknesses for photojournalism

Arizona Republic photojournalist Jack Kurtz reports that covering breaking news events with the iPhone 4 is practical, though with a few caveats. Writing on co-worker Louie Villalobos' blog, Kurtz discussed the details of using the smart phone to document a recent protest in Phoenix:

"On one hand, the technology we have -- our MacBook Pros, our Sprint aircards and Canon digital cameras -- make it easier than ever to file frequently. On the other hand, when you’re covering a march through downtown or standing on a sidewalk in front of the courthouse for hours, opening a laptop and editing 20+ megapixel raw files from a state of the art digital camera is just not practical."

Kurtz observes that the iPhone's 5-megapixel camera doesn't measure up to the quality of a professional DSLR camera and lacks fully-featured photo handling software but says "in this case the sum of the parts is much greater than the whole it substitutes for."

Also of interest is a comment on Kurtz's post that points to a relatively new iPad app called MetaEditor, which costs $9.99 and lets you edit photo IPTC metadata fields on your iPad.


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