iPhone 4 launches today

With more than 600,000 iPhone 4's pre-sold and FedEx's tracking system crashing, though apparently not due to Apple fans gleefully checking their shipping status, a link roll (see below) is in order.

Really, not much more can be said about the iPhone 4 until people have it in their hands for actual testing. But if you are not an Apple devotee this video of the new phone being dropped repeatedly until broken may be just what you need to get through the next few days of non-stop coverage.

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> Steve Jobs: Wi-Fi iPhone Syncing Coming "Someday" (Mashable)
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> White iPhones "more challenging" says Apple, unavailable until mid-July (TUAW)
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> Apple iPhone 4 launch day; why I won't be buying one for the first time (ZDNet)
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> Preparing for iPhone 4 launch day (FAQ) (CNET News Signal Strength)
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> LIVE: iPhone 4 launch - 24 Hour continuous live stream (Into Mobile)


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