iPhone still outpacing Android in mobile Web traffic

New numbers from Quantcast reveal that while the Android mobile operating system is gaining ground, it still trails the iPhone OS in mobile Web use. Cian O'Sullivan reports that 20 percent of the mobile Web browsing done in the U.S. is now on Android devices, compared to the 60 percent on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

O'Sullivan explores the disparity, writing,  "It should be much closer to 50:50 than it is. Recent reports show that there are 10.7 million iPhones in the USA, and 8.7 million Androids. Both iPhone and Android are perfectly capable of 3G Web browsing."

He suggests that among the variety of Android handsets some are more Web-browsing friendly than others, and he points out that the iPad's second month, with one million units already sold, are included in the Quantcast survey.


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