J-school's new dean was investigated for discrimination at last job

Lincoln Journal Star

Maria Marron, the new dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, was previously investigated for discrimination against a pregnant assistant professor, Chris Dunker wrote Tuesday for the Lincoln Journal Star. The discrimination complaint was filed last year by Central Michigan University assistant professor Sara Kubik, Dunker wrote, and the case was resolved on April 4.

The report by CMU's civil rights office details several months of alleged discrimination and harassment and finds that Marron violated Kubik's rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The report states that while Marron denied harassing or discriminating against Kubik, “the facts suggest otherwise,” pointing out that she referred to Kubik’s pregnancy as a “sticky wicket” in the CMU journalism department and admitted she shared Kubik's personal family situations with other faculty members.

The complaints filed with both Central Michigan University and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights against Maron were mailed to the Journal Star, Dunker wrote. UNL spokesman Steve Smith told Dunker the school is still confident in the new dean and that Maron, like all administrative candidates, dealt with "any number of complex personnel issues."


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