Jarvis solves the case of the missing Carr tweet

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New York Times media writer David Carr tweeted on the day his paper ran a piece by the four Times journalists who had been held in Libya for six days:

Maybe in part 2 of captured journo story, @ariannahuf uses a new model of journalism to aggregate them back to safety. j.mp/f15yVO

The tweet then vanished. An explanation is after the jump.

Jeff Jarvis' tweet from Monday night

@carr2n: Did you kill a 3/22 tweet @9:45p suggesting @ariannahuff "aggregate [journalists] back to safety"? Is that Times policy?

19 hours ago


@jeffjarvis yes, reader wrote and said it was a tasteless riff on grim situation. Re-read, agreed, yanked. dunno what "Times policy" is
14 hours ago


@carr2n Times & generally accepted online policy is not to erase history but to correct it.

8 hours ago


@jeffjarvis hard to correct poor taste.
4 hours ago


@carr2n Twitter needs a footnote function. Seriously.
4 hours ago

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