Jayson Blair 'probably won't watch' documentary about him

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Jayson Blair tells Richard Prince he "fully cooperated" with Samantha Grant, whose documentary "A Fragile Trust" showed in Sheffield, England, Saturday night. "I am sure she told the story in an excellent way," Blair said. "But, as I have told Sam, I probably won't watch it for years because of the painful honesty of the piece."

Blair said he didn't see "CQ/CX," a play about his story, "for similar reasons." Many Times staffers got to that show, playwright Gabe McKinley told Kat Stoeffel last year.

“The entire masthead has seen the play, past and present,” he added, including Jill Abramson, Al Siegal and Craig Whitney. “I think they want to know if they’re in it.”

Blair has established a lively Twitter presence, Rosie Gray reported last week.

Here's the trailer for "A Fragile Trust":

TRAILER: A FRAGILE TRUST: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times from Samantha Grant / GUSHproductions on Vimeo.

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