Jill Abramson's HuffPost piece 'came to Arianna'

The Huffington Post

Deposed New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson wrote an appreciation for Arthur Gelb, the former New York Times managing editor who died Tuesday. The piece appears in The Huffington Post's Media section. The piece "came to Arianna [Huffington], who was in correspondence with Jill Abramson," HuffPost spokesperson Amanda Schumacher tells Poynter. "HuffPost is both a journalistic enterprise, with over 700 paid editors, reporters, etc. and a large platform for views and opinions for which we do not offer compensation. "

Gelb "got a tremendous kick when I was named Managing Editor, the job he had when he retired from the newsroom in 1989," Abramson writes. "He regularly called me with great story ideas and loved it when we broke a big one. 'Ride that story!' he'd bellow."

Abramson's daughter Cornelia Griggs told Gawker's J.K. Trotter her mom "isn’t speaking to anyone at the moment" and is "also not reading anything either (a first!).”

Times' media-desk editor Peter Lattman tweeted (and appears to have since deleted) this:

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