Josh Rogin isn't sorry he taped Kerry in a private meeting

On Friday, Josh Rogin wrote for The Daily Beast about how he got those remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry (he said Israel could become "an apartheid state,") at a private meeting. Rogin wasn't invited to that meeting, but no one stopped him either, he wrote, and he didn't hide what he was doing.

If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in the exact same way. Event organizers and public officials should be forewarned. The public disclosure of this episode may make it harder for me to enter rooms the powerful people don’t want me in, maybe not, we’ll see. If it does, no worries, I’ve got plenty of other ways to get important and true information about our government to my readers. I don’t have to break the rules to break news.

I will admit to one ethical indiscretion in the reporting of these stories. While I was waiting for Kerry to get to the meeting, I partook of the lunch buffet and made myself a plate of pork loin, chicken, and a very nice rice pilaf. Professor Nye, my apologies. Please send me a bill.


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