Journalist had temporary access to Romney campaign's Storify account

Oh Boy! Montco

Like any good community engagement editor, The (Lansdale, Pa.,) Reporter's Andy Stettler spent his Saturday afternoon signing in to Storify to do some storifying. But after logging in via his Twitter account, Stettler discovered "to my shock I was inside the Storify account of the GOP presidential candidate's campaign." He backed out without changing anything, but documented the case using screenshots and (of course) Storify. Storify Co-founder Burt Herman tells me the company jumped right on the problem:

The technical reason behind this was due to an error with caching user tokens on our site, and we have deployed a fix that will resolve the problem. We are also redoing at a deeper level how user authentication works on Storify to ensure we have stronger security. At no time were any user passwords exposed. We take this very seriously and our users should know that their work is secure.

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