Journalists injured in helicopter crash in Iraq

The New York Times | Time

The New York Times' Alissa Rubin was injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq that killed the pilot, Rod Nordland reported for the Times on Tuesday. Freelance photojournalist Adam Ferguson was also in the helicopter and not injured, Nordland reported.

The helicopter, which had delivered emergency aid and picked up some Yazidi evacuees, crashed shortly after it took off, survivors said.

Nordland reported that Rubin, the Times' Paris bureau chief, "suffered an apparent concussion and broken wrists but was conscious, she confirmed when contacted briefly by cellphone." Nordland reported that the cause of the crash was unclear.

Dan Kedmey reported for Time that photographer Moises Saman, who was on assignment for Time, was also in the crash.

Saman said he had been pinned down by the weight of some of the passengers for a while but was unhurt other than suffering a minor cut on his head. When he spoke he was on his way to a hospital in the city of Dohuk as a precautionary measure.


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