Journalists show how to read the Gettysburg Address like a pro

Journalists, politicians, actors, public servants and Muppets have recited Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in a project launched by filmmaker Ken Burns to commemorate that speech's 150th anniversary. Learn the Speech encourages "everyone in America to video record themselves reading or reciting the address," according to the website. This could be a master class in the many (and many impressive) uses of broadcast voice.

Here's the crew from WNYC:

And Wolf Blizter from CNN:

And the ESPN crew:

Burns' documentary, "The Address" airs on PBS on April 15. Here are a few more journalists who lent their voices.

In November of last year, Poynter's Roy Peter Clark recited the address.

You can also see Louis C.K., the U.S. Men's Soccer team, Jimmy Kimmel and many others. But it's kind of hard to out-Gettysburg the living historians at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.


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