On Katrina anniversary, Hurricane Isaac storms New Orleans front pages

The Times-Picayune won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina, which arrived in New Orleans on August 29, 2005 -- seven years ago today. The newsroom's heroic efforts to continue publishing, despite tremendous personal loss, are part of the paper's legend. Below is a look at those historic front pages and this week's front pages as well. || Related: How Isaac is unlike Katrina | Times-Picayune editor: Radical restructuring at Times-Picayune has roots in Katrina reporting | Times-Picayune to reduce printing, shift to digital

The Times-Picayune has a gallery online of its Katrina front pages. The Newseum has also archived Katrina front pages.
Seven years ago today, this was the front pages of the Times-Picayune.
New Orleanians did not evacuate for Hurricane Isaac. (Front page appears courtesy of the Newseum)
The category 1 Issac is weaker and smaller than Katrina, a category 3 hurricane when it arrived in New Orleans. (Front page appears courtesy of the Newseum)
The Advocate, based in Baton Rouge, plans to expand to seven days a week in New Orleans after the Times-Picayune cuts back. This is the Advocate's front page the day after Katrina hit in 2005. (Front page appears courtesy of the Newseum)
This is what the Advocate front page looks like today. (Front page appears courtesy of the Newseum)


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