Knight's Prototype Fund fuels 17 projects

Knight Foundation

On Tuesday, the Knight Foundation announced the funding of 17 projects through Prototype Fund grants, Chris Barr writes.

The Prototype Fund is designed to give people with great concepts for media and information projects grants of $35,000 and six months to take their idea all the way to demo with a class of others facing a similar challenge. What can you learn in six months? Quite a bit.

Projects in this round include Capitol Hound, "Offering the public a searchable database of the transcripts of North Carolina legislative sessions, including an audio archive and alert system for General Assembly sessions and committee meetings"; Minezy, "Creating a tool to help journalists more easily find information in email archives received through Freedom of Information Act requests by analyzing data and highlighting important social relationships, dates and topics"; and Tipsy, "Making it easier for content providers to generate revenue by developing a new way to fund news sites through micropayments from readers."

For more information on each of the 17 projects, check out Knight's announcement.


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