Koretz: Expecting tablets to save print will kill publishers

In a provocatively written post, David Koretz argues that "saving print" is not only the wrong goal for newspapers and magazines, it "will almost certainly kill publishers."

Koretz, CEO of BlueTie and Adventive, writes that print publications failed on the Web, and he sees the same mistakes (including replica editions) being made on the iPad. He calls on publishers to rethink their tablet strategies, or else:

"Survival in the face of new technology often requires us to abandon our old ideas. We don't need a print experience on the iPad -- we need a better content consumption experience for the iPad."

Koretz suggests publishers begin thinking like developers and focus on features and experience. He notes that this would require that discussions about new apps and features include the phrase, "wouldn't it be cool if," or, "the customer is looking for this capability." That type of customer focus, he writes, is what will sell apps and content:

"People buy magazines for two reasons: to be entertained or informed. If you entertain users for a few hours each month, they will keep coming back. Trying to replicate page turns and the visual experience is a waste of time. People like your content, not flipping pages."


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