L.A. Times writer apologizes for saying Giants moved from Brooklyn

Los Angeles Times

The New York Giants moved to San Francisco from Manhattan, not Brooklyn, Los Angeles Times San Francisco bureau chief Maria L. La Ganga writes in a column-length correction that shares some reader mail she got after asserting otherwise in a story about the Giants' World Series victory.

"My brain and I have finally reconnected, thanks to an outpouring of emails (mostly gracious) and some online comments (much less so)," La Ganga writes, noting the Polo Grounds were indeed on Manhattan. "I only have myself to blame," she says later, but also admits she had to turn to Google to learn about a great New York Giants moment to which one of her readers referred. And then there's this:

In a sign of sports fans’ evolution, only one person — so far, anyway, but it’s still early — blamed anatomy for my error. This time, I don’t mean my brain. Wrote Randy Sink:  Maria, FYI the Giants were from the Bronx, not Brooklyn. The Dodgers were from Brooklyn. But then, I wouldn't expect a girl to know something like that ( ;-})

The Bronx, Reader Sink? I guess mistakes can happen to anyone.

In an email to Poynter, La Ganga writes she's "at the Giants World Series celebration, waiting for the speeches to start and thinking, over and over, 'Polo Grounds. Polo Grounds. Polo Grounds.' "

"[U]sually when I have to run a correction," she writes, "I slink around, humiliated, wondering when the pink slip will come. But the mail I got for this error was so passionate and so cool, I figured I had to respond. And it felt really good."

In other apology news: NPR says it is sorry for making this 4-year-old Colorado girl cry after listening to yet another public radio report on "Bronco Bamma" and Mitt Romney:

The happy ending: "Grace Hood, a reporter with NPR member station KUNC, just tweeted that Abbie is happy now thanks in part to an NPR Politics pin."

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