Live-tweeting media descend on town of 6,100 for Jerry Sandusky hearing

The New York Times | Aaron Fleishman

"On Monday night," reports Jere Longman for the Times, "traffic on the town square was closed pending the arrival of 29 television satellite trucks." Tuesday morning, Brad Bell, a reporter for WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., tweeted a photo of the  "satellite garden" that had sprouted up in front of the courthouse. The Patriot-News' Sarah Ganim took a photo of TV reporters setting up outside in the pre-dawn darkness. (Here's a shot from Penn State student journalist Jeremy Kahn after the sun rose.)

Aaron Fleishman has compiled a list of media live-tweeting the hearing. Right after the hearing began, it ended:

Perhaps the most unusual tweet came from The Morning Call's Andrew McGill: "Sandusky just entered courtroom. Walked by me. Only thing I can report is that he's in a suit and has no distinctive smell." || Earlier: Judge allows journalists to blog, tweet from Sandusky hearing ( || Related: U.K. judge to issue revised rules on courtroom tweeting Wednesday

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