Local cameraman in Ferguson: 'We get up and do the same thing every night'

Ferguson, Missouri -- John Miller sits in front of Clip Appeal on West Florissant Avenue with his videocamera, hoping the coming thunderstorm won't linger.

The local video journalist (he declined to say which outlet he works for) has been reporting in Ferguson every night.

"It's kind of like kabuki," he says. "We get up and do the same thing every night."

He's hoping tonight will be calm.

[caption id="attachment_264819" align="alignleft" width="460"]John Miller. (Photograph by Kristen Hare) John Miller. (Photograph by Kristen Hare)[/caption]

Miller has seen news crews from all over the world, and he understands why they're here.

"News happens where it happens."

At first, he says, he heard people in St. Louis say they didn't want what's happened in Ferguson to make national news. It makes them look bad.

"I think you need to think that through."


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