Local reporters get rare White House access

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Nine local TV anchors "got the full Cinderella treatment from the White House, on a day that one likened to 'a whirlwind,' " reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Yes, they interviewed the president in the Cabinet Room on Tuesday. But they also got lunch with the president's top political advisor, David Plouffe; an on-camera tour of the White House main floor in the company of a curator; a visit to First Lady Michelle Obama's garden on the South Lawn; an interview with a White House aide from their home market... Press Secretary Jay Carney skipped over some of the national press to make sure the out-of-town guests got a question at the daily briefing."

The White House even provided space on the South Lawn for the local reporters to anchor their evening broadcasts.

Mike Allen called it a 21st-century update to the old “radio row,” in which talk-show hosts broadcast from the White House with administration officials "going from microphone to microphone during drive-time shows."

“Trust me, it’s better than a local county commission meeting,” Mark Wilson of WTVT in Tampa, FL told the Wall Street Journal. “They’re definitely going out of their way to feel like they want us here.”

Other television stations at the White House Monday: WAVY in Hampton Roads, Va., KTRK in Houston; KETV in Omaha, Neb.; WCCO in Minneapolis; WPVI in Philadelphia; KUSA in Denver; KSAZ in Phoenix, Ariz.; and KGW in Portland, Ore.

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