A look back and ahead for 'the next wave of women'

On Wednesday, Danna Walker wrote for American Journalism Review about the reflections of women leaders at "Closing the Gender Gap: A Forum on Women and Leadership," a recent forum co-sponsored by the National Press Club and Poynter. Walker wrote about her own leadership experiences and where women are headed next.

(Carolyn) Ryan, (Jill) Abramson, women academics who study the history of women in journalism and many women who work in news are part of a generation that has pushed onward aggressively and competitively, with their foremothers’ help, for a long time.

Whatever their approach, they have all served as leaders or role models for the next wave of women and they stand as both a bulwark and bridge to a new era that they seem to be glad to help shuttle along. That’s why this is a moment — women speaking out on a feminist issue has become a focal point for debates within the industry about giving up outdated approaches of all kinds.


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