For #LoveMyNewspaper Day, these high school journalists are a good reminder of why many of us got started

For the third year in a row, people who love newspapers are taking to Twitter for #LoveMyNewspaper day. Most of those people, as of this morning, were newspaper journalists.

There's also a politician, haters and readers

You probably don't need a hashtag right now to see why journalism matters. But students at The Declaration, the newspaper at New Jersey's Colonia High School, offer a good reminder of why many of us became journalists. The hiccups in the background are also pretty charming. 

"I might do it when I get older or whatever, who knows," DeAndre Oglesby said in a video uploaded to Twitter. 

He loves the writing, the creativity and getting to talk to people.

Afrah Momin does want to pursue a career in journalism. She likes having a voice, and loves when people read her stuff. 

And Rana Rezk and Patrick Coveny like having the freedom to speak their minds. 


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