Mashable Publishes Ultimate Twitter Guide Book

Mashable has published one of the best all-around guides to Twitter. If there ever was a reason to publish a printed book about a rapidly developing technology like Twitter, this would surely provide fantastic resources for a dead wood edition.

The guide ranges from getting started, to using multimedia on Twitter, to explanations of what 'tweetups' are (for Twitter newbies, tweetups are magical events where Twitter people meet and talk in the real world, like humans used to).

Mashable's Pete Cashmore explains the project:

"Twitter is a social network used by millions of people, and thousands more are signing up every day to send short messages to groups of friends. But where's the user manual for Twitter? Where do new Twitter users go to learn about tweeting, retweets, hashtags and customizing your Twitter profile? Where do you go if you want to know all about building a community on Twitter, or using Twitter for business? How can you find advanced tools for using Twitter on your phone or your desktop? To answer all these questions and more, we've assembled The Twitter Guide Book, a complete collection of resources for mastering Twitter. Happy Tweeting!"

  • Will Sullivan

    Will Sullivan is the Interactive Director of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


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