Media increase coverage of Wall Street protests

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Yahoo News' Dylan Stableford reports that the media, which have been criticized for not giving enough coverage to the protests on Wall Street, are paying more attention. When NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos asked why NPR hadn't covered the protests, Dick Meyer, executive editor for news, told him, "The recent protests on Wall Street did not involve large numbers of people, prominent people, a great disruption or an especially clear objective." Stableford notes that filmmaker Michael Moore showed up among the protesters on Monday and appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" to talk about it. The next day, Schumacher-Matos wrote that NPR had decided to cover the protests because they "have persisted into this week." (The protests started Sept. 17.) The New York Times has published four stories on the protests and one letter to the editor objecting to a reporter characterizing the number of people as "dwindling." The Wall Street Journal has published seven, a mix of staff-written and Associated Press stories. Meanwhile, a video on YouTube showing police clashing with protesters has been viewed about a million times. | Mythbusting: Just because the protests aren't dominating the news doesn't mean the media is failing to cover the storyRelated: The Atlantic Wire's Eric Randall writes that the media responded to complaints "using their favorite self-reflexive method: covering the (non) coverage." | Reporter arrested at protest says it's "very confusing to know who’s the reporter and who’s the demonstrator.”

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