Media would profit by offering news on social networks

The Next Web
Lauren Fisher has a novel revenue proposal for newspapers: facilitate news-focused social media for subscribers. Fisher writes that consumers are not necessarily willing to pay for content, but they will for convenience. She suggests media organizations could develop a service that provides customized news content for subscribers across multiple social networks:

"So say I pay €5.00 for the Guardian social media experience. I give it my details and it automatically follows their relevant accounts on Twitter, adds their page content to my newsfeed on Facebook, subscribes me to their feeds in Google reader and texts me a link so I can download their apps onto my phone. And it then offers to upgrade me to their email service, where I get sent a daily summary of the content it knows I’ll like based on my social profile. I would happily pay a monthly subscription for this because it takes a job away from me that I’m going to do anyway, but also saves me time."


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