Miami Herald runs story about reporter's DUI arrest after he gives two-week notice

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Miami Herald part-time Neighbors section reporter Jose Cassola told the paper last Friday that he was giving his two-week notice. On Monday, he was arrested for DUI, and the next day the paper told him to pack up. The Herald also published a story about his arrest and departure. "Who cares if a former Herald writer no one's ever heard of was arrested for DUI?" asks Miami blogger Bill Cooke. Gus Garcia-Roberts of Miami New Times notes that commenters on the Herald website are criticizing the paper for the story and pointing out that "Cassola's former bosses seem to be giving him a firm kick on the ass on his way out." Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch calls it a personnel matter that's "not appropriate to discuss it beyond what we published." || UPDATE: Bill Cooke tells me in an email that he's learned that "there's more to the story than what's in my post" -- information that better explains the paper's actions -- and that he's working on the update. || Miami New Times has posted an updated account.

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