Missouri Department of Corrections bans another magazine

St. Louis Magazine isn't the only publication that's had a recent issue banned by the Missouri Department of Corrections: The department also banned the March issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

"Not sure what our magazine about running your own business could have printed that is 'depicting or describing information detrimental to the offender’s rehabilitation' but I really didn’t give it much thought," Mark J. Tavarozzi, vice president of consumer marketing with Entrepreneur Media, wrote Poynter in an e-mail.

Maybe, he thought, there's a new censor that's quite meticulous.

"I looked through it again and can’t come up with anything," he wrote. "Though I don’t have the mind of a censor."

In the letter to Entrepreneur Media, which Tavarozzi shared with Poynter, warden Troy Steele wrote "this issue has been censored due to it depicting information detrimental to the offender's rehabilitation, and has been prohibited from being delivered within the relevant facilities."

Last week, Poynter reported that several media organizations in Missouri as well as the Associated Press and The Guardian U.S., have sued the Missouri Department of Corrections over secrecy about the drugs used for lethal injections.


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