Mizzou j-school grads have lowest starting salaries of any Missouri graduates

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The average full-time salary for Missouri School of Journalism graduates is $31,800. That's the lowest starting salary among graduates of all the university's schools, reports Ali Colwell. It's also slightly lower than the national median salary of $32,000 annually for recent grads.

Colwell writes that with tuition and fees, including a mandatory subscription to the Columbia Missourian, aspiring journos at Mizzou pay "anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000 each year for a journalism education."

The study Colwell cites says journalists have a very slightly better placement rate than grads of University of Missouri's education school. But teachers start at $600 more per year on average. (Journalists report being happy with their jobs despite the pay, for what it's worth.)

94 percent of Mizzou's j-school grads were in jobs related to their course of study, one of the highest rates in the university's research, which tracked students who graduated in fall 2010, and spring and summer 2011.

"While this may not seem like very good news," Colwell writes, "it is actually an improvement from the last destination study we reported on, where the J-School was at the very bottom compared to other schools at Mizzou."

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  • Andrew Beaujon

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