Mobile-first consumers more willing to pay for content

Business Insider
Thomas Clayton believes that mobile users will drive the success of social networks -- and their resulting revenues.

Clayton, the CEO of mobile social application developer Bubble Motion, writes that the global majority of Internet users will be mobile-first or mobile-only, and their billing relationship with a cellular provider will make it easier to get them to pay for apps and content:

"On the Web (aside from the good old days of, say, AOL), consumers are not used to paying to access content. On mobile, the dynamics are reversed: People pay. They pay for apps, they pay for data, they pay for calls, they pay for features. Simultaneously, people are crazy for social. Even in markets where disposable incomes are very low, a mobile phone represents the individual's identity, resulting in an unparalleled propensity to spend. When the de facto norms are that consumers expect to pay for services, an opportunity arises to build real businesses."


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