Mobile a focus of this year's Knight News Challenge

Nieman Lab
The 2011 Knight News Challenge will ask participants to focus on three specific areas of innovation: revenue, credibility and mobile. Lois Beckett reports that Knight consultant Jennifer 8. Lee spoke at a Hacks/Hackers event Tuesday night and discussed the upcoming contest and its new focus:

"Up to now, Lee said the Knight Foundation's attitude towards the contest has been 'we don't know what news innovation is -- you tell us.' But over the past four years, trends have emerged among the contest entries that mirror the broader development of the news business. 2010 was the year of mapping and data visualization projects, Lee said. In 2011, Knight sees innovations in credibility determination, mobile technology, and revenue model generation as key areas of development."

Beckett writes that judges will not seek quotas for each category and that, according to Lee, "'it's much more of a signal to the population at large: These are the areas that need your attention."

Applications for the 2011 contest will open this fall with the eventual winners announced in the summer.


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