Mobile use of social networks increases

More than 30 percent of smart phone owners accessed social networks via a mobile browser in January, up from 22.5 percent in January 2009. According to the new report from comScore, Facebook's year-over-year mobile traffic jumped 112 percent and Twitter's by 347 percent. In comparison, only 6.8 percent of cellular customers with feature phones, which have less powerful browsing tools, access social networks on the go. These numbers align closely with several recent reports indicating that smart phone ownership is closely tied to a shift toward mobile consumption of news and information and away from desktop PCs.
>Majority of mobile Web readers visit news sites (Poynter Online Mobile Media)
>Pew Research: 26% read news on mobile devices(Poynter Online Mobile Media)
>News tops on-the-go Web habits(Poynter Online Mobile Media)


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