As mobile video increases, rethink how it is shot
Troy Dreier takes a look at the growth of mobile video distribution and suggests that it is time to revisit the "old" rules videographers traditionally followed before they were producing for the small, small screen of cell phones.

Speaking with Tom Ellsworth, CEO of mobile agency GoTV, Dreier writes that mobile phone screens are now large enough to allow that scenes do not need to be restricted to medium and tight frames. He does suggest that panning and other movement is still a problem due to the heavy compression of video over 3G networks.

Most importantly, Ellsworth believes that the growth of mobile has increased competition on the platform and that necessarily drives the need for quality:

"When you post video for mobile nowadays, you're competing with huge libraries of well-produced professional content. ... Quality can take two forms. If you're working on a well-financed project, it means using professional sets and locations so your creation doesn't look like it was set in a garage. If your project is low-budget, it means using excellent storytelling and editing, to really make your work stand out."


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