More tablets on the way to compete with iPad

Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required) that competition for the tablet market is heating up as Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Sony, Dell and Microsoft look to compete with Apple's iPad. H-P already has announced its offering, the Slate, which will run a version of Microsoft's Windows 7. The open questions seem to be, what is the best operating system for a tablet device, and how will consumers want to use it? Electronista addressed this in an iPad vs. Slate comparison last month: "A stock version of Windows 7 may include multi-touch, but most of its interface isn't at all designed for fingers. ... The iPad's more limited interface may actually be a blessing." Another possible competitor: tablets based on Google's Android OS, which was designed for mobile phones but could be adapted for devices with larger screens.
> HP's Windows 7 Slate device revealed by Steve Ballmer (Gizmodo)
> Android tablets resurface at the Mobile World Congress (VentureBeat)


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