Most publications don't have a mobile strategy

Talking Points Memo
Josh Marshall, at the left-leaning Talking Points Memo, notes that most news publishers do not have a mobile strategy.

Reviewing the mobile traffic to his own site, he writes that it has doubled this year, and he is working on making it more phone and tablet-friendly. But, he argues, having a mobile website or iPhone app is not enough. Having a real mobile strategy requires building a mobile-native experience and content that takes advantage of the medium:

"Mobile news sites are about where websites were in the mid-1990s when it was just people taking newspaper journalism and sticking it on a website with little sense of the new technology's potential or pitfalls. It was only about the turn of the century that you started to see people applying genuinely new ideas about how to form and present news that were in some sense native to the medium."

He sees very little of that "new" thinking being applied to mobile news so far.


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