Murdoch & Jobs may appear together for The Daily announcement

Yahoo News / Fimoculous
Steve Jobs will reportedly join Rupert Murdoch on stage next week for the unveiling of The Daily, News Corp.'s expected iPad newspaper.

Michael Calderone & Joe Pompeo at Yahoo News wrote about the plans:

"The two media moguls will appear together at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, according to a source familiar with preparations for the event. The launch date is expected to be Jan. 19, but that may change."

Earlier reports questioned the likelihood of such an onstage pairing, due in part to the political differences between the two CEOs.

Rex Sorgatz at Fimoculous reports on another rumor emerging from The Daily's newsroom, contradicting suggestions that the publication would have no website:

"There will be a website, but there will be no homepage, and everything will be blocked from search engines. That means: articles are there, but you can only find them if someone links to it."

The site -- -- went live recently with a new logo and an e-mail sign-up box.


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